How do you change your Homeslice password?

Changing your password is easy on Homeslice.

Go to your Settings

First, you'll want to navigate to your Account Settings. There are two ways to get there.

You can view your Settings by clicking on the navigation item in the main navigation on the left (for desktop users). You can also click your avatar at the top of the screen (for desktop, tablet, and mobile users).

Main Navigation

Main Navigation

Settings Panel

Settings Tab

Navigate to the Security tab

When you land on the Settings page, simply navigate to the Security tab. The password form is the first item you'll see on the page.

Security tab

Create your new password

When you're creating your new password, try to create a secure one. It should be a minimum of 8 characters and have a mix of numbers, letters, and other characters.

Don't forget to save your changes after you have confirmed your new password.

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