How do I switch Teams?

There are two easy ways you can switch between teams on Homeslice.

1) Switch from the Teams dashboard

This is the most straightforward way. You'll want to navigate to the Teams dashboard from the main left-hand navigation column (on desktop) or the footer navigation (on mobile and tablet).



Mobile screenshot

Team Switcher

If you don't see these navigational elements, you most likely have not enabled Teams on your account.

Then once you see your Team dashboard, the next step is to click the empty green circle on the Team card that you want to switch to.

Team cards

2) Switch from the top navigation

On a desktop, you can easily switch teams by clicking the team name under your name in the top-right corner of the page. This will show a list of all the teams you are on. Then simply click the name of the team you want to switch to. The process is the exact same on a mobile or tablet device. The only difference is you need to click your avatar in the top-right to toggle the settings panel. You can find the team switcher there.


Team Switcher

Tablet and Mobile

TEam Switcher

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